Brand Spirit

We Care, We Cherish. We Create.

Technology was created for humans,
and is constantly in our lives.
Because we care about people and cherish all things,
we develop products with Eco-friendly material.

Brand Story

In Taiwan, there are a lot of inspiring stories that we would like to be seen by the world.
We believe that even the simplest of technology can become a piece of great work.
Since 1983, we have used simple processing to make food packaging, clothes packaging, appliance storage and even welding logos onto shoes.
Items widely used in all aspects of our daily lives.

After 30 years have passed, we can now do more than before.
Modern technology has allowed human life to become more diverse.
Many novel inventions have been created to satisfy the needs of people.
Following the world trend yet thinking in the opposite direction is what we aim to do.
Therefore, to return the essence of life and nature, we have chosen green material as our main material.

To create well protection for goods, AIR is our main product feature.
It is simple, clear, light and as warm as we are.
By perfectly combining high frequency and air,
We create new things to show everyone we care.

Brand History

ZIYU ENTERPRISE was founded in 1983. We specialize in high frequency technology.
In the beginning, we produced simple OEM products.
After constantly improving our technology and ability, we abandoned old ideas, took risks, learned from our failures and finally we successfully developed the three-dimensional and diverse HF shaping.
We mainly produce waterproof and airtight products using green material.
Through brainstorming and extension of all applications to obtain many patents, which is the behind the scenes driving force for cooperating with world famous brands to develop products with good design and functionality.
For years and years of experiences in OEM and ODM, ZIYU has decided to move a step forward to the next level. In 2017, by combining two main factors – our key techniques and OEM model for OBM, we formally introduced the ZIYU brand to the world.

Brand Mission

Environmental Friendly


Using Resources Efficiently

Brand Vision

Delivering with Sincerity and Humility

Delivering the best green technology to our customers.
We never stop showing care by continually cherishing the world.