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Pump and Airbag Concept Design

Unlimited Creativity and Visionary Innovation


  • Perfect combination of functional requirements and product design.
  • Handmade mold-making for producing accurate product prototypes.
  • Using pumps in diverse conditions and fields.
  • Pivotal techniques used to combine different materials together.
  • Developing diverse patterns that extend to various application categories.

Cooperation Brands:

Medical applications:
.Inflatable walkers
.Inflatable protective gear

Cooperation brands:

Sport applications:
.Air insole
.Guard of the quarterback

.Bicycle inflatable chair cushion
.Sports inflatable protective gear

Cooperation brands:

Electronic products/OA applications:
.Electronic product inflatable protection bag
(Phone / Tablet / Laptop / Power bank / External Hard Drive / Camera / Lens)
.Office chair inflatable backrest

.Inflatable pillow

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